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Lead Services

Paint Chips

Nova Environmental Inc. conducts full service commercial and residential lead based paint inspections in accordance with HUD guidelines, along with applicable Federal and Michigan State regulations. Lead staff is accredited by the State of Michigan to conduct lead based paint inspections within both target housing and child occupied facilities.

Inspections are conducted utilizing the state-of-the-art NITON XLp 303 X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (XRF). This equipment provides both qualitative and quantitative results without the use of destructive sampling techniques (i.e. paint scraping). A Depth Index feature on the XRF will indicate whether or not the lead is in surface paint layers, where it poses the greatest hazard. The automated data entry software provides an easy to read, thorough lead inspection report.

Nova Environmental, Inc. offers the following lead consultative services to our clients:


  • Michigan Certified Lead Inspectors.
  • Conducting lead inspections in accordance with HUD and Michigan State regulations in child occupied facilities and target housing.
  • Conducting lead inspections of public and commercial buildings in order to comply with the applicable OSHA regulations.
  • Utilization of the XRF or paint chip sampling to analytical results.
  • Development of comprehensive lead inspection reports.

Risk Assessments:

  • Michigan Certified Lead Risk Assessors.
  • Expert evaluation of lead-based paint hazards in child occupied facilities and target housing.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable Michigan State Lead regulations.
  • Development of comprehensive lead risk assessment reports.

Project Management/Air Monitoring:

  • On-site air monitoring and project oversight during lead abatement activities.
  • Necessary equipment and resources, in-house, to oversee the largest and most complex lead abatement projects.
  • Completion of daily records detailing the project status and providing full air sampling and project documentation to the client once the lead abatement has been completed.
  • Development of Negative Initial Determinations in accordance with OSHA regulation.
Lead Testing

Lead Consultation:

  • Expert interpretation of applicable lead regulatory standards for over twenty years.
  • Presentations to clients on most cost effective ways to comply with lead regulation.
  • Customized presentations to staff/building occupants who express lead concerns.